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A Simple Strategy For Generating New Client Income Whenever You Want
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ONE TIME OFFER: This 4 part Masterclass walks you through the advanced tactics and strategies for achieving 6 figure success with Freelancing. You’ll learn the skills, habits, and mindset you’ll need to develop & grow to a yearly net profit of 6 figures implementing everything you’ll learn in the No Pants Coaching Program. Originally performed LIVE for a small group of high achieving students you can now get access to the recordings, templates, and checklist by clicking the checkbox above. This is a one time offer and you’ll not have another opportunity to purchase this again. (Add For Only $129!)

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Here's What You'll Get:
  •  INSTANT access to the online training program where I’ll walk you through each of the 7 simple steps towards quickly getting high paying clients. This is the same process I charge clients $1,000 - $8,000/month for to build their client based businesses using a Gmail account, LinkedIn, and Google Search. Now you can use it to find clients for yourself in as little as 24 hours (if you put in the work).
  • Freelancer’s Copy & Content Toolkit, a 700-page template, swipe, and idea file that you can use to create marketing materials that attract top level clients… even if you’re brand new. Can be used to create quick portfolios, website copy, prospecting emails and more.
  • Advanced Pricing & Closing Strategies Mini-Course! Let me show you how to create a Service Ladder so you can earn more per client, position yourself for Premium Pricing, and even how to overcome objections and turn the “no” into a “yes”. Perfect for anyone who hates sales but wants to get paid more for their services.
  •  Case Study Stacking Method Bonus Lesson where I’ll show you the fastest way to establish expertise, build credibility, and get your first clients even if you’ve never Freelanced before.
  • How Find Your Super Power Webclass, a 3 week LIVE webclass where I’ll walk you through each step of my Super Power Discovery Process so that you can attract better clients through better, deeper service offerings.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Does this really work? 
Yes, but…

… You have to put in the work. This is not a pie in the sky, unicorns and rainbows, "pushbutton" method for generating clients.

Instead, I've distilled 7+ years of client getting experience and knowledge into the MOST simple, MOST efficient client getting process that I know of. I've trimmed all the useless fat off of what other marketing teachers teach, and I've stripped it down to the bare bones "do this, do that, get results".

Expect to devote 2 — 3 hours per day for the first 3 — 5 days that you implement this program to get best results.

Many of our beta test group were able to book client calls (where the sale is made) within 12 — 24 hours of beginning the work.

Your mileage may vary, but this is 100% a numbers game. The more of it you do, the more results you can expect.

What if I am new to Freelancing/Consulting? Will this work for me?
If you order today, I will give you a bonus training which will show you how to make this method work even if you've never had a client before.

Remember, price and expertise are perceptions. Therefore, if you can deconstruct what creates that perception, then build assets to create the perception in the mind of your potential client, the experience becomes secondary.

In short: yes, this will work for you, you just need the additional bonus training to make 100% sure you have everything you need.
What if I buy it, and I don't like it?
I am convinced that if you purchase the Fast Client Getting Workshop you will be more than satisfied with the results if you put in the work.
However, if for whatever reason you purchase the program and don't put in the work/decide you don't want to get results using this method…

… You are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

All you have to do is send us an email and you will get a full and timely refund.
What if I don't know what to sell? 
As long as you have a general idea of what you want your Freelance/consulting business to be, this will work for you.
We spend at least one module refining and repositioning you in the services that you offer in order to create the perception of premium value.

So, as long as you know/or think that you want to be a writer, or designer, or social media manager, or a Facebook ads expert (not limited to just those) then this program will take care of the rest.

Who this is not for: if you have no idea whatsoever of what you could or should sell to other people as a service, the scope of this program does not cover finding and developing a service from scratch. I offer and sell other training programs which help to do that, and if you would like more information on what those programs are, please contact us at
What kind of clients will I get using this method?
I have a very simple philosophy about successful Freelancing. It goes like this:
A Freelancer has "arrived" when he or she has five clients paying $2000 per month.

The idea is for you as a Freelancer to move away from low end, one-off, and cheap gigs.

Instead, this method focuses on higher ticket, better paying jobs and Freelance assignments with long-term clients.

Even if you don't think you know what you could charge $2000 per month for, the bonus mini-course of advanced pricing and negotiation strategies will teach you how to structure and create tiered services and Service Ladders which allow you to eventually ascend long-term clients into large monthly payouts. - All Rights Reserved - Terms Of Service - Privacy Policy -